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The Quick Energy Solution ensures all our Residential, and Commercial water boilers comply with British Manufacturing Standards. Using only Gas Safe engineers to carry out our installations, all work is guaranteed.

If your boiler is old or has a low-efficiency rating, contact the Quick Energy Solution  on 017 8460 5565 today to see what boiler would be best for your home and save you money. Our installations comply with British Standards and we work in partnership with the best boiler manufacturers using only certified installers.

If you don’t know what efficiency rating your current boiler has, an online search of the make and model number will show you. Alternatively, you can call the Quick Energy Solution on 017 8460 5565 and we will send someone out to assess your boiler for you and advise you which makes and models will be best for your house.

What is the ‘Free Boiler Scheme’?

The Free Boiler Scheme aims to reduce the UK’s energy consumption by providing homes across England, Scotland, and Wales with new, energy-efficient boilers. Vulnerable homeowners can benefit from this scheme to boost the energy efficiency of their homes.

If your Gas or LPG boiler is more than 5 years old and you receive a qualifying benefit, you may be entitled to a brand-new A-rated boiler grant.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was approved by the UK Parliament in 2012 and is formed of 3 obligations: Affordable Warmth, Carbon Saving Community and Carbon Saving.

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Are you looking for free Boiler Grants and other Home insulation services based Gov.UK scheme? Then you are in the right place. These are energy-efficient ways that the government provides to save your money! We survey, Install Boiler and care about you.

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