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Room in Roof Insulation (Attic Insulation) also known as Roof Space Insulation is defined as a room in the roof area with fixed staircase and 1 or more windows. Room in Roofs usually have no insulation within the walls which can cause large amounts of heat loss in your home.
Insulating a smooth roof is a job that must be done during construction. Retrofitting room in roof insulation is a complex task and often a dirty one that involves pulling up the insulating layer that destroys off the deck to put room in roof insulation beneath. You will be incapable to pass your building or extension for required adjustments without room in roof insulation.

Do you want to use your loft as a further living space?

Room in Roof’s can now also be insulated using quality spray foam. Check out our Spray Foam Insulation page for more information.

  • Traps heat in your home.
  • Helps prevent uncomfortable temperatures in summer.
  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Improves your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and value.

How much does it cost install Room in Roof insulation?

This would depend on many factors, however, we offer a free no obligation survey to estimate the costs for you. Our qualified surveyor will talk you through all the process and give you energy saving advice.

Quick Energy Solution may also be able to offer grants by taking advantage of the Government’s ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. This funding could see you have most or all of your insulation paid for. Contact us today and find out if you’re eligible.

Is Room in Roof Insulation covered under the ECO scheme?

Room in Roof Insulation can currently be claimed for under the ECO scheme. First you would need to meet the ECO scheme critera and fill in our eligibility checker.

How does ECO work?

Quick Energy Solution will first carry out a check to see if you are eligible for ECO funding. Next we will arrange a free survey to ensure property meets the ECO funding criteria. Once we complete the above process, we will move on to installation of your Room in Roof insulation.

Our easy process means we can turn around an qualifying application in less than a week

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Are you looking for free Boiler Grants and other Home insulation services based Gov.UK scheme? Then you are in the right place. These are energy-efficient ways that the government provides to save your money! We survey, Install Boiler and care about you.

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